Julianne McKinney Warnings

US Army Intelligence Officer: Gang Stalking Phenomenon is Precursor to Coming Holocaust



THE US is no longer Beacon of Human Rights


Known as Targeted Individuals around the world who’s names are systematically placed in secret court-hearings then greviously assaulted 24-7 with Lying Satellites, now Drones, Passing Air Force Jets, DOD DARPA, CIA NSA FBI NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH (INFRA GUARD FBI) & MILITARIZED POLICE FORCES & TREASONOUS DOCTORS. Victim’s have written to Bush, now Obama continously, to no avail.

Mine & My Late-Husband George’s Grave

I was placed into an early-grave–a US Sponsored Lethal Weapons & Nano Testing Programs

[I’m losing track how many programs & weapons they’re using (7?)]

How To Overcome The World & Its Gangstalkers ~ by Zeph Daniel

The Silent Massacre


By MARK M. RICH Targeted Individual & Author of

September of 2010 New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

& Hidden Evil – His other Sites NEW WORLD ORDER & RICH ESSENCE

13 comments on “Home

  1. US Gov Darpa/Bama Get Your Wifi Torture Implant out of me and US citizens !!
    CA, USA under BO Implanters Howard Raymond – David Thornton.
    Raymond is a US Gov. heroin addict 42 years and was born born with brain damage from his father and mothers drug habits.

    Invisible Microwave Implanting the USA , “Voices in My Mind” They said USA may be 40 % Complete!

    US Gov. Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, invisible Alien Tech.) (Invisible) Advanced Alien Technology taken from all past alien captives and spacecraft in USA. US Gov. Darpa Implanted my family for war without our knowledge?
    I love Darpa and their Adv. Invisible Alien Technology but not their microwave implant plan and agencies for civilian mind control warfare, surveillance and yes low level microwave torture!

    I’m Lee Lee563@ykcwb.com and I’m US Gov. Darpa Wifi Warfare implanted for US citizen surveillance and elec. mind control torture!
    It can not be removed only by US Gov. Darpa Obama, it is invisible!

    If you use a computer or cell phone you are probably Darpa Gov. Wifi implanted. It can be silent.
    This micro is installed from his Howard’s home using porn site monitors to your monitor to your right eye retina with an invisible Advanced Alien Tech. Microchip program. He said his Darpa Exe. Obama Darpa micro implant forms a micro cell in your eye and brain with a voice to skull phone connection you can hear like a cell phone. They will mind control torture you with wifi Darpa Military Warfare programs .
    This microwave implant also forms an invisible adv. Alien tech. Cam that can view anything anywhere in your room or anywhere at any degree where ever you go! Raymond records and sells you and your sex like his father did in London 20 years ago on porn online sites!
    He sells and tortures Virtuagirl.com, Virtuaguy.com, Paulraymond.com and most porn viewers every day because he is Bama Gov. Immune.
    I still don’t know why US Gov. Darpa Raymond want their wifi implant the US program plan to be known!
    Howard said US Darpa Government Warfare harassment implants and torture are legal with their own Darpa Exe. Laws.
    My Freedom of Speech and Invasion of Privacy Act are no longer in effect, Bama?
    Howard said he and thousands of Darpa Gov. Billionaire implanters will be killed if they don’t microwave implant the USA!

    Darpa/Obama I am posting this because it is true and brain damaged (from 42 years of drugs) Raymond and Thornton are microwave harassing me and millions! Howard an David are Gov. Water Inspectors from 72310 Blue Ridge Ct. Palm Desert, CA. 92260. They love gay sex, drugs, and their porn income and salaries from the US Christian taxpayers for this? Darpa Implanting US citizens! I can not let this go down USA!!!
    Howard and Thornton told me Bama is the AC man and they work for him implanting the USA for 1 mil a year plus 1 mil dollar bonuses !!!

    This is very unbelievable and it still is to me but is true! Virtuagirl.com and all online porn members your sex is being sold.
    I am posting this because Raymond is Bama Darpa Gov. Immune and loves torture, deceit and hate (yes Satan’s qualities),
    He is a wifi torture Satan God on Earth. He is microwave harassing me now with a US Gov. Darpa Invisible Electronic Micro Retina Right Eye Implant from your computer ‘s monitor.
    Howard said they are implanting, torturing the USA Civilians for AC demonic cause and US installation is 40% Complete!

    Gov. Wifi Expert Raymond said the US Gov. franchises and regulates all online porn sites. Christian tax payers?

    Raymond and his Exe. are and can invade US citizens privacy and freedom of speech, demonically implant, sell your sex, harass and torture you. Is there a worse crime a Gov. Official or any human could do ?

    Howard said top Gov. Officials and police are implanted. Love the US Darpa Gov. Invisible Alien Tech. but not on myself and citizens. Worldwide Wifi Human Implants!

    Howard W. Raymond one of many Gov. Certified Darpa Agency Wifi Experts.


    Believe it or not, Invisible Armor, Airplanes and Tanks! Darpa.




    • This is unbelievably true!
      US Tax Payers unknowingly paying millionaire DARPA Gov. Agents millions to invisibly implant from computer and torture US! The Taxpayers! I am one there are many! Thanks Satan!

  2. My letter to Pr. Obama about HAARP and Mind Control Abuse in USA

    Mr. President, 06.11.14.

    I was reading article: “Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP ahead of summer shutdown” (news on May 14, 2014. Anchorage Daily News). This is excellent news and big THANKS to Dr. Nick Begich ( THANKS to him, in January 1999. EU Parliament BAN weapons for manipulation of human beings) and Michigan did similar in 2003. “NEITHER US Congress nor the US President made EVER an effort to BAN mind control weapons”?! To shutdown HAARP (as geophysical / tectonic weapon), is SO important to me, because of HAARP capability of Mind Control ABUSE ( Dr. Nick Begich concluded: it is on 435 MHz)! Do NOT forget that the GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) towers shoots enormous burst of energy into the atmosphere in conjunction with HAARP, too…
    *“There are also INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGANCE agency agreements to keep this technology secret”. ( These are Weapons of Mass Destruction, for Arm Race and Big Businesses)…
    *Major Edward Dames of Psi-Tech said in April 1995 on NBC’s The Other Side program: “The US government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people.”
    *Dr. Robert Duncan ( “CIA Mind Control Expert”): “ ALL the TORTURE can be done using Directed Energy PSYCHOTRONIC Weapons, with so called continental ballistic missile surveillance defense grids”.
    *Synthetic telepathy is like receiving a CELL-PHONE CALL in my head; the ability to remotely transmit microwave voices inside a target’s head is known inside the Pentagon as “Synthetic Telepathy” ( According to Dr. Robert Becker:” Synthetic telepathy has applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with voices or deliver undetected instructions to a programming assassin)”.
    US Government (CIA, Pentagon, NSA(Big Brother) did Mind Control ABUSE to me, for years??? Letters with MY facts about it, I already sent to Pr. Obama, at WH in 2010. I expected FBI or DHS on my door, but unfortunately first I finish in JAIL for 232 days, then Obama Adm. force me to be homeless “HOSTAGE-PRISONER” during past 40 months? During this period , I am EXHAUSTED dealing with stupid CIA and US Gov. under covered idiots , on different shelters, in DC Metro…Sleeping on a street and on shelters, already damage my health and make disaster to my life. Because of Mind Control Abuse and everyday stress, I had heart attack-silent one, stroke, and Directed Energy Weapons hit my heart 3 times (that I know: THIRD time DEW hit me so hard, on 01.06.2014. in Reston, VA- sacked all energy out of me. Nurse Karen called my symptoms: “CHEST INFLAMATION”?!)…Obama Adm, like Bush Adm, allowed to CIA, Pentagon, NSA (Big Brother)… to CONTINUE this Mental and Physical ABUSE to me, for years ( even today): there is NO legal protection, NO Human Rights for this harassment /surveillance US Government program? My thought are NO longer private; the attacker can NOT be seen or identified and psycho damage is enormous. Unfortunately human mind has NO “firewall”, so there is NO place to run away, from this “WORLD JAIL”?! My Mind Rape with Mind Control and Mind Reading are emphasize with CIA TORTURE ( CIA found dirty way to let me know that they are reading my mind)?! They use my EXHAUSTIONS to use EEG CLONING extra abuse on me, too , to force me on suicide, schizophrenic behavior, criminal activity, or to cause my diseases by irradiation with DEW… Solution for my case: I’m ready for Senate Hearing with CNN and my guests as my witnesses ( Dr. Nick Begich, Robert Duncan, Daniel Estulin, Dr. Barrie Trower, Dr. Ross Colin, ICAACT. Org and UN Comm. Against Torture / EU Ethical Board)- they will know very well, what about I will talk. US Government will have right to use FMRI, Brain Fingerprints or any new brain scanner/polygraph ( as a proof that everything in my letters is TRUE). I would Like to do MRI of my head to conform RFID microchip behind my right ear ( and probable 2 more in my body) and probable NANO microchips in my brain, too. (ICAACT.org can help me to conform microchips, too). I’m ready for Senate Hearing at any time, any place, 24/7/365… It is important to me to PREVENT that my suffering caused by Mind Control Abuse, NEVER happened again to other innocent Americans in USA ( my son and other children in USA will NOT survive all of this)! As Ms. Napolitano (Ex-Dir. DHS) said: “See something, say something”.

  3. Thanks US Vets, No Greater Love Than To Give Your Life For Some One. Thanks JC ! Freedom !
    Greatest Admiration For God’s Finest ! Evil will never take that away !

    A bell’s not a bell ’til you ring it,
    A song’s not a song ’til you sing it,
    Love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay,
    Love isn’t love ’til you give it away!

    No one ever told me! Oscar Hammerstein II quotes

    Happy July 4th. Vets-Retarded Terrorists Takeover, Fknob Raymond, Leno, Thornton Darpa Microing USA Freedom For 2 Mil Yr.
    Raymond said Obama -Darpa has already invisibly microed all citizens through their computer. I’m implanted so are you. Don’t feel it, if you have a computer or cell it is there waiting for Mr. Wizard’s activation then wam you a drone! Alien Evolved Ants colonizing the Earth. They love our dirt and will take over says Wifi Wizard if we don’t microwave the defenseless evolved alien ants all now, it’s easy because they are good natured. This reads like a joke but not to NASA!

    Democratic millionaire celebrities are paid 2 million a year to install invisible micro program implants from porn and Gov. sites from their homes. Ask Jay Leno and Howard Raymond in CA. Obama won’t admit it nor remove the micro. Darpa Agency said it is for the massive alien colonization of Earth and Obama’s Alien War going on now. Raymond is drug retarded and demonic he said he loves to wifi torture for Obama for millions a year! Leno was arrested installing wifi cell towers for Obama to finish microing USA..

    Unbelievable! Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) Invisible Adv.
    Alien Tech. Invented the internet and fknob Howard says Obama’s Darpa Agency is micro implanting the USA and World using and internet program from a US Gov. Darpa Alien Tech. restructured computers taken from real extraterrestrials!

    I am Lee lee563@ykcwb.com I was told by Howard Raymond A US Gov. Darpa Agent that I was Obama Darpa Agency micro implanted 3 years ago by Jay Leno’s Wifi AT&T Service, Palm Springs, CA. from an alien computer from Raymond’s Gov. Condo 72310 Blue Ridge Ct., Palm Desert, CA 92260.

    Howard Raymond said Obama is still installing thousand of Wifi Towers with AT&T leases across USA and World now for fear of some kind of Satanic take over? Electro Man microwaving millions of Ant Aliens.
    Howard William Raymond mentally retarded and stated his Darpa Agency like thousands of Obama Darpa Agents US and World Wide are installing Darpa Invisible Adv. Alien Tech. micro invisible programs (not a real micro chip) in your right eye retina from the net and from your computer or cell and believe it or not forms an invisible cell phone connection and an invisible cam that can view you at any angle, record, harass or wifi torture you. It’s unbelievable! It is Advanced Invisible Alien Darpa Tech. using restructured computers taken from real extraterrestrials spacecraft captures for technology and alien computers for alien war.

    Raymond said Jay Leno installs and AT&T leases these wifi towers across USA for 100 million a year!

    Howard William Raymond mentally retarded and stated his Darpa Agency like thousands of Obama Darpa Agents US and World Wide are installing Darpa Invisible Adv. Alien Tech. micro invisible programs (not a real micro chip) in your right eye retina from the net and from your computer or cell and believe it or not forms an invisible cell phone connection and an invisible cam that can view you at any angle, record, harass or wifi torture you. It’s unbelievable! It is Advanced Invisible Alien Darpa Tech. using restructured computers taken from real extraterrestrials spacecraft captures for technology and alien computers for alien war.

    US Gov. Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) Invisible Tech. Cloaks, Airplanes, Tanks.

    No victim support, but scan for implants. Contact: Jesse Beltran (US), Lars Drudgaard (Europe)
    E-mail: us@icaact.org (US), eu@icaact.org (Europe) Website(s): http://www.icaact.org

    Try QuWave.com

  4. No such thing as Aliens, they are in Fact Demons, The Nephilim, The Nine, The False Gods of the old Testament, they are Fallen Angels, Demons, evil spirited, Devils (Jinn’s) they gave Hitler the Swastika symbol it is the shape of one of their Cities on the Moon,Mars or Venus, They also gave a Supercomputer called Beast or at least the Tech for it the Microprocessor’s and other things, the RFID chip tech more than likely was given to our Governments too, our Governments signed a Grenada Treaty and worked in Roswell NM with these Demons also called Grays, the who NWO/Agenda 21 more than likely was their ideal.

    • I realize there are no aliens, Zachary and thank you for leaving a most informative comment explaining this. I understand this horrid tech might be as old as 6000 years, if not older. On the walls of the pyramids it is written with a warnings to future generations that it could be used for bad purposes and sadly it is.

      Are you familiar with Mt. Hermon and inter-connected sites in Iraq and elsewhere that was hidden from humanity? They found the site in 2003 with spy satellites – http://hiddenfromhumanity.com/.

      The pyramids were probably built as transport/landing of craft and free energies by the giants written of in the Bible.

      What’s are your thoughts on this transhuman project and the Mona Lisa film from Apollo 20? Truth or hoax?

  5. Tinnitus in the world is not due to brain damage that the medical community thinks. It’s caused by satellites which uses to read minds and these satellites tracks a person where ever they go even inside flights so where ever they travel they still have Tinnitus which makes them think that their brains are damaged due to what ever the reason.

    • I couldn’t agree more Dan… would love to hear more of what you know that matches what I’ve learned, as well… yes, satellite tracking in America, connected to the Internet too. We’ve been betrayed Dan.

  6. Once upon a time … this is the story of a 200 years country and a nation that raised itself like a star…

    Unfortunately, that’s all we can say about America, American democracy, American justice and most of all, American pride! What happened? Who’s responsible?

    Who are they that hate their county so bad, to transform it into a falling star?

    First, they aren’t Americans, because the psychopaths live only for them self!

    They don’t have any country, any pride, honor or dignity!

    They don’t have any emotional, human feelings for anything or anybody, including the country they claim to represent!

    Their proper place to be, are jails or psychiatric hospitals!

    They are genetically programmed and born to destroy everything that humanity have build around the world during history; the world they arrogantly and cowardly believe it belong to them!

    “Born to kill” is an American expression that became a global reality and nightmare!

    “Born to torture and kill” became a way of life that transformed the entire planet Earth into a Psycho “Theater of Operation”; where nobody is safe anymore; the only environment where mentally disturbed elements, enroll, prosper, profit and entertain their inherited sadistic obsessions with Total Destruction, and the Reverse of Evolution.

    Who’s responsible? The corrupted or naive, coward, dormant or incompetent politicians, incapable to understand that, they are responsible for the creation of Hitler Part 2 environment, followed by WW III and the end of life on Planet Earth.

    Marin Pitu – Twice political refugee, last from USA 2013 – tortured by U. S. HAARP’s use of Directed Energy Weapons against friendly, unarmed civilians – victim of the Collective Madness and Collective Cowardliness that took over America. Expose HAARP!

    • You’re right-no one is safe anywhere on this now weaponized planet. The psychopaths are in-charge now. Like you, I’m all too sadly aware of those energy weapons from our unfriendly skies. With HAARP now comes CERN.

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